The SwimSafe Programs are joint collaborations between analogous organisations and institutions.

The Alliance For Safe Children (TASC)


TASC’s main focus is reducing the number of child deaths from injury in Asia. TASC began by determining the causes of child death and measuring how frequently injury deaths occurred. This is difficult to do in developing countries because most child injury deaths occur in the community and the dead child is never taken to a hospital so the death goes uncounted. Child injury deaths can only be properly counted by visiting very large numbers of households and determining those where a child has died in the previous year and then determining the cause of that death. The research TASC and partners carried out in household surveys in 6 Asian countries involved interviews in almost 3/4 million households and clearly show the leading single cause of death in children after infancy in Asia is drowning.
TASC is now in its second phase, developing effective prevention programmes for child injury that focus on early and middle childhood, where the leading causes of injury death and disability are most easily prevented. Drowning prevention is at the heart of these programs, and our focus countries currently are Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Our primary office is in Bangkok, Thailand, with a satellite office in Da Nang, Vietnam.(more)

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia (RLSSA)

Royal Life Saving Society - Australia Royal Life Saving Society – Australia (RLSSA) was established in 1894 and has been the leading water safety, swimming and lifesaving education organisation in Australia for 115 years. Royal Life Saving aims to prevent loss of life and injury in the community with an emphasis on the aquatic environment.
RLSSA has long been committed to international development assistance in the areas of lifesaving development and reducing drowning. For much of this time RLSSA has worked with emerging lifesaving agencies or individuals in developing countries, providing equipment and capacity building support. RLSSA support more recently, and in partnership with The Alliance for Safe Children, has been focusing on reducing child drowning in low and middle income countries. (more)

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) – Bangladesh

unicef UNICEF country offices have been instrumental in developing the true picture of child injury in Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam in partnership with TASC. The country office in Bangladesh is a core collaborator in the SwimSafe Bangladesh programme. (more)

Centre for Injury Prevention Research, Bangladesh (CIPRB)

ciprb CIPRB is a nongovernmental organization located in Dhaka and founded in 2005. It has quickly become the leading research institution focusing on child and parental injury prevention in Bangladesh and has contributed to reducing child injury in the region through an extensive set of collaborative activities.
CIPRB is the primary implementer of SwimSafe Bangladesh, working in collaboration with the Bangladesh Swim Federation, TASC, RLSSA and UNICEF. (more)

Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH)

hanoisph Established in 2001, the Hanoi School of Public Health (HSPH), aimed to help develop modern public health in Vietnam. The school trains Masters of Public Health students and provides students with ‘hands on’ experience in their eight field sites, one of which is based in Da Nang.
The Hanoi School has been a key partner of The Alliance of Safe Children since the commencement of the Safe Da Nang program in 2006. Through this partnership, HSPH has contributed the time and skills of staff locally to assist with the successful implementation and operation of SwimSafe Da Nang.(more)

Thai Life Saving Society

Thai Life Saving Society The Thai Life Saving Society (TLSS) was officially registered in 2002. TLSS is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to educate Thai people in water safety practices.
TLSS has been involved with SwimSafe Thailand since its inception and plays a vital role in curriculum development and training. TLSS trains local community members in water safety skills and knowledge, developing their capacity to teach young children survival swimming. (more)

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Preventing child drowning in Asia through teaching survival swimming skills

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