UK Family Raise Much Needed Funds for SwimSafe

Rebecca, Nicola and Hannah Preece

Rebecca, Nicola and Hannah Preece

The Preece Family, from England, were so moved by the child drowning epidemic across Asia that they decided to support the SwimSafe program as their charity for 2013. Parents Phil and Kathryn and their three daughters, Nicola (12), Rebecca (10) and Hannah (6), were shocked by the statistics and wanted to help make a difference in the lives of those children at risk from drowning.

Nicola wanted to support SwimSafe as she is a swimmer and wanted to support her hobby to save other children’s lives. “It is quite astonishing that something I do every week as fun could save someone’s life”.

Rebecca was shocked by the drowning statistics, “It is scary that just because children slip into the water they could die”. Hannah supported SwimSafe because “I like swimming and want others to like it too”.

The family’s fundraising efforts included:

  • The girls baking cakes during the Summer and inviting their neighbours around to buy cakes and Pimms in the garden.
  • The Great North swim that Phil in a fantastic time of 30.40 minutes.
  • Climbing Mount Snowdon as a family in October. On the first attempt the weather conditions were so severe they had to turn back—Phil & Hannah were blown off the mountain!  However they were ok and tried again a few days later and reached the summit in time for a hot chocolate in the café before completing the descent—9 miles in 6 hours.
  • The girls have been donating part of their pocket money throughout the year and as a family putting money in the pot instead of buying cakes with a cup of tea when out & about.
  • The final fundraiser was a cake sale at school with the girls baking and decorating 200 cakes to sell to their school friends.

Through these efforts the Preece family has raised 500 pounds which will fully fund 46 children to complete the SwimSafe program of 20 lessons and provide them with essential swimming and water safety skills.

If you would like to conduct your own fundraising and donate to the SwimSafe program please visit

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Preventing child drowning in Asia through teaching survival swimming skills

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