SwimSafe Danang records promising results amid funding uncertainty for 2013

The combined results for SwimSafe Da Nang’s activities for 2012 are very promising and show continual growth and acceptance of this much-needed program.

Two results in particular need to be highlighted – student numbers and student age. Obviously, the more children who receive water safety skills the better, and despite SwimSafe Da Nang’s target of 6,000 students, 7,477 children received swimming and water safety lessons in 2012 – a number that has continued to increase from 4,724 in 2009.

Secondly, younger children drown more frequently than older children so an emphasis on younger children will prevent more child drowning deaths in coming years.

Sixty percent of children taught were aged 6–9. Additional results have also been very promising. SwimSafe Danang has a target pass rate of 85 per cent, but saw an overall pass rate of 89.9 per cent, another figure which has continued to improve since an initial 41 per cent in 2009. Additionally, boys represented 54 per cent of total students and girls 46 per cent, giving a fairly even mix.

Despite these results, there are shortfalls. Approximately 13,000 children enter Da Nang’s primary school system each year, meaning that SwimSafe is currently only reaching half the number of students.

SwimSafe was supported by AusAID but desperately needs funding and donor support for 2013 and beyond. Donations can be made via the Global Drowning Fund.

The following results were achieved at these venues:

Total Number of Students
Be Van Dan 666, Phan Phu Tien 620, Hoang Du Khuong 611

Percentage of Students 6–9 Years Old
Hoang Du Khuong 89.9%, Phu Dong 82.4%, Nui Thanh 74.8%

Highest Passing Rate
Nui Thanh 97.6%, Phu Dong 97.0%, 95 Quang Trung 95.4%

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