Open water teaching locations are underway for 2012 with high demand

Senior Lifeguard/Trainer Mr N.T. Cuong teaching a student at Son Tra Beac

Senior Lifeguard/Trainer Mr N.T. Cuong teaching a student at Son Tra Beach

Teaching during the school vacation period has begun at all SwimSafe venues across Danang with demand outweighing supply at almost all locations.

At Son Tra Beach, one of two open water teaching locations, classes commence at 5:15 in the morning with a class of 50 children. The second class of the day commences at 6am with a total of 68 children participating. Due to demand a third class in the morning has been added to the program’s schedule allowing additional children who wish to participate an opportunity to get involved. Classes cease during the hotter part of the day and recommence in the later afternoon and early evening.

Instructors have said that the children attending classes at the beach are less likely to be scared of water as often they live nearby and attend the beach regularly with their families. Children who attend lessons in the portable pools often need some time in their early lessons to become familiar with the water as they may have had very little interaction with water prior to starting their lessons.

Both Son Tra and Thanh Khe beaches, have a mixed instructor team that includes both beach lifeguards and primary school instructors. All have received training in the SwimSafe curriculum, and now, as blended teaching teams, are sharing more of their different water experiences with each other and with the children.

Because of the large demand for places at the beach venues this year and because mornings are when the lifeguards normally need to be patrolling the beaches for safety, each venue has more teachers serving as instructors than lifeguards. So far, this blend is working well together at both venues.

As can be seen from the image below, even in their fourth year of operation, classes are still quite a spectacle and draw spectators as well as the participant’s parents who stay to watch their child’s lesson.

Parents watching lesson 1 at Son Tra Beach at 5:30am

Parents watching lesson 1 at Son Tra Beach at 5:30am

If you would like to support the SwimSafe program in teaching survival swimming skills to children you can donate directly to the program via the Global Drowning Fund.

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