First graduates from the SwimSafe Danang pre-program cycle

13 successful students pass their tests at Nui Thanh Primary School

13 successful students pass their tests at Nui Thanh Primary School

The SwimSafe Danang program has already seen children graduate from its pre-program cycle. On May 9th, 19 of 44 students in the pre-program cycle graduated early at Phu Dong school. Several other schools have also completed their pre-program 20 lesson cycle. These are schools who have decided to run classes prior to the summer vacation break and the official commencement of teaching for SwimSafe 2012.

Prior to graduating from the SwimSafe program, participants have to show the following competencies:

  • Water Safety Knowledge
  • Demonstrate a survival skills sequence (including rotation from front to back and floating and sculling for 30 seconds)
  • Demonstrate basic resuscitation knowledge and skills (Advanced program only)
  • Swimming Skills (including enter the water safely, swim 25 metres and exit water safely).

A recent change to the program has been a mid-program test of skills. This serves as both a practice for students prior to the test in the final lesson and a marker for instructors to assess children’s abilities. A recent decision allowed for children who could pass the test mid program (lesson 15 to 16 of 20 lessons) to graduate, allowing the instructor to devote more attention to children who need extra help in order to be competent.

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