Update on Swing to Swim Fundraiser

Swing to Swim Fundraiser

The Swing to Swim Fundraiser is over for another year. The March 17th event, raised over $8,000 for Swim Safe and other local learn to swim charities in the Da Nang and central Vietnam region.

The charity golf event, held at Montgomery Links golf course saw 110 Vietnamese and foreign national golfers participate in the tournament which had been advertised across Vietnam and internationally. The charity dinner event had close to 160 people in attendance including Swim Safe program staff and local government officials from Quang Nam and Da Nang city provinces.

The money raised will provide much needed funds for continuing the Swim Safe program in Da Nang. With an extra venue commencing this year, taking the number of venues in 2012 to 14, the funds will assist in training staff, keeping pools clean and providing student with water safety resources and their certificates for participating in the program.

Further funds are desperately needed to support SwimSafe in Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh. A one-off donation of just $20 Australian dollars can teach one child essential swimming and water safety skills. If you would like to donate, please visit The Global Drowning Fund.

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