Global Drowning Fund Launches

Global Drowning Fund

The Global Drowning Overseas Aid Relief Fund has recently launched. The Global Drowning Overseas Aid Relief Fund has been established in response to the high burden of drowning experienced throughout many Asian countries, with the knowledge that similar scenarios are likely in many low and middle income countries throughout the world.

Through current and developing programs, the Global Drowning Fund, aims to provide training, education, and research, and increase local skills and capacity for the prevention of what has become a regional epidemic. The work now being done will form the basis of drowning prevention globally.

The SwimSafe survival swimming program can significantly reduce child drowning. These programs provide the most effective and cost-effective means of reducing the extraordinarily high number of children who drown. These programs need to be scaled up urgently and implemented throughout many developing countries.

Your donation will help establish and maintain these programs in rural parts of countries including Bangladesh and Vietnam; will support the training and employment of crèche staff and community swimming instructors, and will thereby provide an additional benefit of giving employment opportunities to people in desperately poor communities.

To donate much needed funds to the SwimSafe programs in Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam, please visit the Global Drowning Fund Donations Page.

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Preventing child drowning in Asia through teaching survival swimming skills

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