SwimSafe Danang 2010 underway

Water familiarisation in one of Danang's 10 portable pools

Water familiarisation in one of Danang's 10 portable pools

The SwimSafe Danang summer 2010 program is well underway with survival swimming classes in progress at 13 venues across the seven districts of Danang province, Vietnam. Now in its second year, SwimSafe aims to reach an additional 5,000 students aged 6-11 over the course of the summer and in after school programs.

In a necessary bid to reduce child drowning rates in Vietnam, these students will learn the basics of survival swimming and safe rescue techniques, including CPR for those over 10 years.

The 10 primary schools participating in the SwimSafe program in 2010 each have a SwimSafe portable pool onsite. These schools are:

  • Be Van Dan – Thanh Khe district
  • Nguyen Ngoc Hue – Thanh Khe district
  • Nui Thanh – Hai Chau district
  • Le Thanh Ton – Hai Chau district
  • Ngo Gia Tu – Son Tra district
  • Hoang Du Khuong – Cam Le district
  • Phan Phu Tien – Lien Chieu district
  • Tran Quang Dieu – Ngu Han Son district
  • Hoa Tien – Hoa Vang district
  • Hoa Khuong 2 – Hoa Vang district

SwimSafe Da Nang also utilizes an in-ground swimming pool at the city’s rehabilitation hospital as well as teaching in a natural water environment at two beaches is Son Tra and Thanh Khe districts.

Many of the portable pool sites have been renovated this year, with sturdier shades following last year’s typhoon at the end of the SwimSafe season.

Prior to classes getting started, all 120 swim instructors attended training and refresher workshops to update them on the revisions to the SwimSafe curriculum. The Training of Trainers (TOT) model employed by SwimSafe Danang has proved very successful, with the core group of 22 teachers who participated in a training workshop led by an expert Royal Life Saving Society – Australia trainer then going on to bring the remainder of their colleagues up to speed.

In fact, the successes and profile of SwimSafe Danang thus far mean that come July 2010, around 20 trainees from other Vietnamese provinces will come to Danang to participate in a SwimSafe TOT session, again led by the Royal Life Saving Society – Australia and the core group of Danang trainers. This workshop is a precursor to the roll out of survival swimming classes elsewhere in Vietnam, with SwimSafe Danang as the pilot model.

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