Proud Graduates from SwimSafe Da Nang

SwimSafe DaNang graduating class from -------- school, August 2009

SwimSafe Da Nang graduating class from Ngo Gia Tu school, August 2009

By Amy Peden, TASC, Da Nang Vietnam

With the summer school holidays over, the results of the first three months of SwimSafe Da Nang are in. Across the 12 venues, a total of 4718 children participated in the program with plenty of fun had by all participants!

The SwimSafe program is a survival swimming and water safety program aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 12. Children are taught basic swimming, floating and rescue skills as well as water safety knowledge. For participants aged 10 and over SwimSafe also includes a component on CPR awareness and skills.

At the end of their 20 lessons, children attended a testing day designed to measure their achievements in the main components of program, 25m swim, 90 second float, safe water entry and exit, water safety knowledge and CPR awareness and skills (for children 10 years and over). All the children that attended the testing day received a SwimSafe Da Nang t shirt and certificate which identified the skills they had achieved over the course of their 20 lessons.

Community response to the program has been overwhelmingly positive. Many parents have stated that they liked the program. One parent said “our kids are more confident when in the pool, and the swimming program has meant our children are healthier as they are eating and sleeping better”. Many other parents are asking when the program will be extended to adult participants!

Following the success of Round 1 and 2, SwimSafe Da Nang is set to continue as an after school program for the months of September and October.

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